Where is Your Heart at Work?

This Valentine’s week, I’m sharing the love list for the most frequently occurring strengths based on Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment

  • Achievers LOVE making lists
  • Learners LOVE to be on the cutting edge
  • People who lead with Responsibility LOVE gaining the respect of others
  • Relators LOVE deep and authentic relationships
  • Strategic folks LOVE to find the best way to proceed

For the record, I thoroughly love making lists (Achiever is my #3). I even add things to my list at the end of the day to feel extra accomplished. No one will ever see my daily list.

Why do I add the additional accomplishments? Probably because Achievers need a sense of success and purpose every. single. day.

Are there any Achievers out there who feel my pain? 

What’s on your love list?

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