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Your Brain and Your Brand Have Much in Common

What do your brain and your brand have in common? Everything.

Your Brain

Your brain helps you organize the variety of information, thoughts, and novel ideas that cross your consciousness every day. We know that the right side of the brain holds much of our creative and emotional thinking, while the left side of the brain is in charge of logical and rational thought.

Great ideas happen when these two sides of our brain intersect. Fantastic insights, products, and solutions to problems originate from ideas that are both useful (coming for our rational left side) and new (coming from our imaginative right side).

Your Brand

A successful brand – whether that brand be a personal brand or a professional brand – is similar to a great idea in that it needs to be both helpful and distinctive. Trying to be all things to all people, at work or at home, may be helpful in the short-term but ultimately leads to failure. If we are not distinctive, then people do not know what we do best, and how best to use us. However, it takes some creative thought to tap into our distinctiveness. Conversely, if we spend all of our energies trying to separate ourselves from the pack, overplaying our distinctiveness, we may find that only a very small number of colleagues, customers, or family members find us to be useful.

Your Strengths

When coaching individuals and teams about their strengths, I do not normally touch on the need to actively use both sides of the brain, but I do focus on the need to use your strengths to create a strong brand. Understanding how our strengths make us both useful and novel is an exciting step toward creating a world-class team and a brand that will resonate near and far.

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