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Kids and Strengths

Happy July! I hope you are enjoying longer days and an increased allotment of family fun. Hey, have you ever wondered what your kids’ CliftonStrengths are?

If your answer is a resounding “yes,” you’re not alone.

Here are the “Top 5” (pun intended!) questions I field related to CliftonStrengths and kids:

Q. At what age should I encourage my child to learn their “Top 5” CliftonStrengths?

A. Gallup recommends taking the CliftonStrengths after 14 years of age.

Q. Will learning my child’s strengths help them to consider a career path?

A. Yes! It is very helpful to have your child consider their natural talents and how those talents might transfer into various careers and/or courses of study. Many colleges and universities use CliftonStrengths as a tool in their orientation.

Q. Do you recommend any books about parenting and strengths?

A. Yes! Play to Their Strengths and Incredible Parent are books by friends and authors Analyn and Brandon Miller.

Q. Do you recommend any books about strengths and finding a career path/direction?

A. Yes! Unstuck at Last: Using Your Strengths to Get What You Want by Sarah Robinson and StrengthsQuest: Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond by Donald Clifton and Edward Anderson.

Q. Do you ever coach kids?

A. I do! Contact me. I’d welcome the chance to discuss this (normally unpublicized) offering.

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