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Improve Internal Communications in 2020

One of the 2020 trends is improved internal communication. The news makes me wonder: is this an amazing trend or just a fantastic goal?

My gut tells me it’s a goal (not a reality) for many organizations, thus making it a “trend” . . . because improving internal communications is easier said than done, right?

We know that internal communication is the glue that holds organizations together. We also know that, individually and collectively, we have lost patience. We want our Internet to be faster, our download time to be quicker, and our office mates to respond instantaneously. Of course, all of these desires we have for speedy communications apply to¬†learning news about our organization’s triumphs and tribulations. It is at this juncture – after a huge triumph or a scalding tribulation – that an organization of any size must consider: “How do we explain this? How do we celebrate/contemplate this occurrence?”

How can you positively impact internal communications TODAY (and build employee engagement at the same time?)

Let’s first consider the difference between how we communicate internally versus externally. The “rule of seven” is a well-known marketing principle, referring to the idea that prospective clients will need to come in contact with your organization seven times before they awaken to the idea that your organization is an option. While most organizations heed this advice for a customer, they are less apt to communicate as vigorously with their internal customers (e.g. their employees).

One of my clients, the head of a marketing and website organization, is an expert communicator . . . well, maybe an expert external communicator. When this leader sends out a newsletter every few months, I read them eagerly – they are interesting, humorous, and always contain a feel-good take-a-way for the reader. However, it took my insistent nudge to persuade this same leader to use his vast writing talents to update his staff of about 20 by sending a similarly well-written, informative, funny, and inspiring e-mail at the end of every week.

Rethinking internal communication in 2020 means that organizations need to “establish fast, interactive, and reliable channels to reach all employees.” A mobile app? A weekly newsletter? A stand-up meeting every Monday morning? When it comes to communication: more is more. The efforts made to communicate what’s new, to acknowledge and celebrate a team’s success, or to uncover the root cause of a less than perfect performance will be realized in increased trust, a better work environment, improved engagement . . . and ultimately a more profitable 2020.


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