Individual and Team Coaching for Corporations

Does your team suffer from inconsistent and broken communication? Learn how to:

  • build a team that naturally engages in conversations that lead to greater understanding and higher efficiency;
  • shift from focusing on the same old weaknesses to capitalizing on the diverse strengths of the team to create superior performance; and
  • move from a siloed workforce to a team-centered approach so you can build strong organizational community, performance and profitability.

This step-by-step guide explains what you and your team will receive when selecting the Individual and Team Coaching Package.

You will be given a code which will give you and your team members full access to the Gallup Strengths Center online. Once the assessment is completed by you and your team members, your results will automatically be shared with FRESH Concepts.

You and your team members will meet individually with a FRESH Concepts coach for a private coaching session to better understand the StrengthsFinder results – especially your “5 Signature Themes.”

You and your team will meet for a 3-hour Team Coaching Session to better understand and appreciate talents and skills of the team. This will highlight the general themes found among team members and will explore how to make the best use of your own themes and benefit from your teams’ collective themes.

Full-day (6-hour) sessions are available for an additional fee.

A One-hour debriefing session is included in the package to assess the effectiveness of the coaching and establish future goals.

Package pricing determined by group size. Typical groups range from 3-20 members.

Once we did the StrengthsFinder's exercise with Sarah and I saw what it did for all our employees and saw how it boosted their morale, saw what it did for me, personally, and as a manager, it was very easy for me to recommend Sarah and her StrengthsFinders coaching.