Management-Level Coaching

Do you have a management team composed of high performers who lack the leadership experience that would allow them to level up? Learn to:

  • create a management team with members who are effectively equipped to be more strategic and strengths-focused with their direct reports so they can navigate challenges with ease;
  • elevate managers from leading as mavericks to leading from the same playbook without sacrificing authenticity and while promoting consistency and trust; and
  • help leaders understand the importance of human connection at work and how to tap into the heart of their teams to cultivate loyalty and superior performance.

This coaching package is designed with the unique position of managers in mind. It includes:


  • An assessment code for each manager to determine his or her Top 5 CliftonStrengths results.
  • A private coaching session with all managers to discuss and explain each of your unique strengths and how to connect your talents to success.
  • Five group meetings with managers for 2 hours per month for 5 months to deepenĀ and hone skills through FRESH Leadership Training.

After I had three sessions with Sarah, I had the most unbelievable interview. It was like no other interview I'd ever had. I had one a few weeks before I met Sarah, and they were like night and day. I felt on top of the world, I felt like these are my strengths, this is what I have to offer...