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#TuesdayGiving – Got Plans?

Do you have big plans for the rest of today, #givingtuesday? Not so much? Well, just in case you’re open to suggestions I’ll share my plans . . . and possibly get your wheels turning.

You are probably familiar with the idea that it makes sense to think globally but act locally. The concept here is that it’s difficult to personally impact the entire world, but that our local actions – when aligned with the global good – CAN make an impact.

It reminds me of a famous quote about change from Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

That quote fills me up. It reminds me that my small efforts to help individuals or organizations matter.

This year, on #GivingTuesday, I’ve decided to give to two local non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our Indianapolis community.

These two inspiring non-profits were started by remarkable individuals who gathered their “peeps” with the hope that they could change the world for the better.

Their histories are different, their missions are different . . . their ultimate goal is similar: improving the lives of Indianapolis families.

Below is the (very condensed) 411 on these foundations.

1️⃣ Riley Children’s Foundation: In 1921 – yes, you read that correctly, 100 years ago – this foundation was created by the friends of the famous poet James Whitcomb Riley. For over a century, the foundation has worked to create, support and sustain the following entities:
🟢Riley Hospital for Children (that helps more than 57,000 patients annually!)
🟢The James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home,
🟢Groundbreaking pediatric research, and
🟢Patient programs that need additional funding.

2️⃣ The Patachou Foundation: In 2013 – yes, just 8 years ago – this foundation was established by restaurateur Martha Hoover to feed and educate food-insecure children in Indianapolis. In this short amount of time, the foundation has accomplished so much. In 2021, the foundation:
🟩Served 60,000 scratch-made meals to children,
🟩Facilitated interactive farm field trips for 150 youth,
🟩Selected 9 Food Fellows for a paid workforce development program, and
🟩Continued to equip schools to fight hunger using hands-on learning about food, nutrition, and cooking.

Full disclosure, I am grateful to know both of the remarkable leaders of these two foundations: Liz Elkas, the President and CEO of Riley Children’s Foundation, and Matthew Feltrop, the Executive Director of The Patachou Foundation.

Indianapolis is lucky to have such talented folks in these important roles, working to improve our city, our lives, and our globe.

So, did I get your wheels turning? What’s your favorite non-profit organization?

Hope you had a great turkey day and an even better #givingtuesday!

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