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Personal Growth . . . By Design

This quote captures one of my fundamental beliefs. Planning one’s growth takes time, patience, and some degree of risk. However, achieving a planned-for goal is one of the sweetest pleasures life can give us. Tomorrow I head to French Lick, IN to lead a retreat for “Women and Hi-Tech.” I look forward to helping the […]

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Smart Bird!

Do you wonder what else there is? If so, you may be stuck. Why not open up the cage door and fly around for a bit? I challenge you to consider what might excite and engage you on a daily basis. To learn more about becoming unstuck go to

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Dream BIG

Big dreams are a big responsibility. There is no one to fulfill those dreams but you. Ready to start? To learn more about how to tap into your big dreams and map your journey to success read Unstuck at Last: Using Your Strengths to Get What You Want, or visit

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