Quiet Quitting – It’s For Real

Do you know a quiet quitter? I bet you do! The bad news : quiet quitting is more than just hype — and it’s hurting your workplace. The good news : quiet quitting can be prevented. Learn how! ⬇

First, let’s define the newly coined term: .

My guess is that you know a quiet quitter because recent research indicates that employees are working fewer hours ⏲ and that lack of engagement is on the rise ⬆ .

The quiet quitting trend is hurting your workplace because jobs are more complex than ever before and cannot be fully accomplished without going above and beyond. The quiet quitters are not interested in giving this extra effort and are presumably passing off more work to their colleagues.

Unfortunately, this is a recipe for low morale, burnout, and workplace tension for those who are left to pick up the slack.

Of course, quiet quitting is not an altogether new issue. Think of it as a rebranding of the term “not engaged.”

1️⃣ Start tracking employee engagement. You can’t fix it if you don’t know how engaged or disengaged your team is.
2️⃣ Train your managers to be effective leaders and coaches. Lack of engagement is the fault of poor management. Full stop.

Don’t let quiet quitting drag down your workplace culture. Put in the effort to make your workplace culture special. ✨

Contact me if you are looking to increase employee engagement in 2023 and want some tips!

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What About a New Year’s Habit, Not a New Year’s Resolution

Thinking about a News Year’s resolution?

Research shows that by February as many as 80% of New Year’s resolutions will have gone by the wayside. So, what’s a better idea? Check this out! ⬇

Here’s a fresh idea for making 2023 great: initiate a new habit that supports a long term goal.

A few years ago, after finishing James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits,” I shifted my thinking from “what’s my New Year’s resolution” to “what’s my New Year’s habit?”

Creating habits that benefit our personal lives, our businesses, our communities, and the world around us is a worthy endeavor. Yes❓

One of my personal goals is to prevent (as much as I can!) dementia.

Over the last few years, I’ve intentionally created daily habits that reduce my risk of dementia:
▶ I walk at least 3,800 steps every day.
▶ I play a brain stimulating game every day.
▶ I play 2 (or more!) word puzzle games every day.
▶ I do as many 1000-piece puzzles as I can every year.

This year, I will add a new game to my routine: Mah Jongg. Research shows that card games (along with walking 3,800+ steps daily, brain stimulating games, word games, and puzzles) reduce one’s risk for dementia.

These habits might seem like overkill, right? But I’ve found that I really enjoy my daily dog walk, brain games, word games, and puzzles.

I’m having fun and these activities might be preventing a feared health risk.

It’s a win-win.

2023 : create a habit that addresses a goal you’d like to achieve. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few examples of common goals and habits that might get your wheels turning.

Common Goal ➡ New Habit

1. Be healthier ➡exercise daily (any kind of exercise counts!!)
2. Be happier ➡ record 3 things you are grateful for daily.
3. Save money ➡automate your savings.

Happy New Year! And good luck!! I hope you have a fantastic 2023!

Need Gift Ideas?

Need gift ideas? A bit stressed? Look no further! 👀 This gifting package is perfect for everyone on your list (over the age of 14). It’s literally one size fits ALL: trendy/traditional, tall/short, outgoing/introspective. And it fits your budget too! 💲

The long and interesting “what are your ‘top 5’ strengths?” convos are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE. 😂

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Be Authentic This Holiday Season!

Social Butterfly

So, ya wanna be a social butterfly this holiday season? If so, ya wanna WOO ’em. (WOO is #strengths-talk for Winning Others Over!) I’ve got a solution to this sticky situation!

See below. ⬇️

But in case you’re short on time, I’ll cut to the chase.

The Bad News☹️: Sorry, but unless you have WOO in your “top 10,” imitating a WOO will look, feel, and BE inauthentic.

The Good News😊: There are a HOST of other strengths that can be used to authentically connect with others at holiday parties, family functions, and everything in-between during the month of December!

Yes, most of us secretly wish that we were NATURALLY super outgoing during the holidays. All of the parties and activities during December can be exhausting to most of us. By contrast, the WOO can strike up a conversation with ANYONE! And this activity GIVES them energy🔋, instead of depleting them😴. WOO is a very fun strength!

Hey, I wish it was in my wheelhouse too. But, it’s not. Below is your (and MY!)  back-up plan if we wanna look like a WOO (in our own strength-based way.)

Here’s the short list:

#Learner: Try to learn something new about everyone you encounter. Ask them what they loved to study in high school or their favorite vacation EVER.
#Includer: Be on the lookout for those who don’t feel comfortable in a group setting and chat with them one-on-one or draw them into the crowd.
#Relator : Decide to go deeper with someone you know but do not know WELL. What was their favorite family holiday tradition? Do they have anxiety during the holidays? Why?
#Achiever : As someone who likes to get things done, be of service to your host or hostess. Offer to tend the bar, clean up dishes, or put another log on the fire.

Remember, being the REAL YOU at the holidays is the best gift anyone can receive. 🎁🎁

Happy National Author’s Day Nov 1

Nation Author's Day

Nov 1 is National Author’s Day. Phew! You didn’t miss it! You still have time to celebrate an author who has impacted you. Not sure what “celebrating an author” looks like? Ideas below! ⬇

1️⃣ . Write a review of a book that’s impacted you. Amazon makes review writing super easy. Do it T̳O̳D̳A̳Y̳!
2️⃣ . Reach out to your favorite author with a personal note. Not sure how to find your author? Send your note to the author’s publisher.
3️⃣ . In a reading rut? Find an up-and-coming author who intrigues you, or an established author who has a series of books. Watch them grow and develop as a writer.
4️⃣ . Want to be an author? I cannot encourage you more fervently. It’s not easy but it is super rewarding. Reach out to me if you need more personalized inspiration and bolstering.

I’ve written two books. They are like children to me. I am proud of them. I am so glad to have made them. Writing a book isn’t a cake walk (it’s hard work and frustrating at times!) but it is worth every ounce of effort put forth.

An enormous thank you to Julia Cameron. I’ve read her book ‘ :  cover to cover twice, referenced it countless times, and encouraged numerous coaching clients to embrace the practices spelled out in this best-selling guide to fulfilling your creative self.

Had I not read “The Artist’s Way” in 2001 I question if I would have had the nerve to write a book. Julia, thank you for helping me to find my nerve and unblock my creativity.

Of course, an enormous thank you to everyone at Niche Pressworks (especially my friend Nicole Gebhardt) for ushering me through the book-writing process – twice.

Recap/summary: the easiest thing to do on this list is write a review and make an author’s day.

(p.s. I have over 100 reviews of my first book  : . These reviews are like fuel to me. Many thanks to many strangers and dear friends who took the time to share how my book helped them. Now go do it again for another author!)

Worldwide Unhappiness: It’s Real, What Can YOU Do?

Are You Authentic?

Are you authentic? Do you value authenticity in leadership? At today’s Indy Chamber breakfast event, Seth Morales touched on the importance of authenticity and even shared a vulnerable moment – capturing his authenticity. Want to know how?

He cried. In front of people. Like all his employees.

Why? Well, Seth was speaking to his ever-growing staff at the Morales Group, Inc’s19th anniversary celebration. The highs and lows of the last 2 years, the impact of celebrating such a big anniversary, and his awareness that, as the new CEO, he is steering the ship all culminated. And in his words, “I balled!”

I love this! And appreciate leaders who are both authentic and vulnerable in front of their team.

Interestingly, I’ve never met Seth before today. However, in 2019, I was a guest on his organization’s “Skill Up Build Up” podcast talking about my books (and the importance of human connection and authenticity!)

Thanks to the Indy Chamber for another great event, and for Seth’s transparency today.

Want to know more about how leaders can build great teams? Check out  Fresh Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team for more about the importance of being authentic, transparent and human when leading others.

Let’s Get Your Wheels Turning . . . Ways to Empower Women

What did your organization do to acknowledge Women’s History Month last month? Nothing? Oops! Read on to prevent this mistake next year! You don’t want to be caught empty handed and scrambling for ideas when March 2023 approaches.

Here are tips that any size organization can follow:

#1: Start EARLY⏰
Example: A large midwestern organization with headquarters in the Indy-area started working on their plans for Women’s History Month January, 2022.

Example: They gathered a few great minds from a variety of departments across the organization to consider this question: what could we do during the month of March to celebrate and empower women – inside and outside – of our company. (We’ll call this group The Brainstormers.)

#3. Think about the IMPACT👊
Example: The Brainstormers wanted a solution that was both compassionate and unifying for women.

They wanted to create a unique empowerment experience for a small number of female employees and a few women who rarely have similar opportunities for growth: women who receive assistance from a local non-profit.

And this is where Fresh Concepts, Inc. entered into the picture. A member of The Brainstormers, Julie, had recently read one of my books and participated in an individual coaching session to better understand her CliftonStrengths assessment. Julie was so positively impacted by the process that she pitched the idea to the Brainstormers. Julie asked, “Could we give a similar experience – individual coaching sessions coupled with books to reinforce their learning – to women inside and outside of our organization?”

#4. Make it HAPPEN🔥
Example: What you see pictured here are the books that I delivered to the organization’s headquarters – books that would be used as “prizes” for the organization’s Women’s History Month celebrations and the lucky winners of individual coaching packages.

Bottom line: Don’t let your organization miss the opportunity to celebrate women next year! Use these easy steps as your starting points. Create a plan that highlights your organization’s appreciation of and commitment to women.

🎉And a final note, although the designated month of celebrating women is over, the habit of cheering each other on should never end.🎉

Find Meaningful Work – It’s Worth the Effort

 “Is meaningful work important to you?” After completing some polling on LinkedIn, it seems “YES” is the run-away winner. Great news? Not so much. Sadly, finding meaning in one’s work is not quite as easy as falling off a log . . . but don’t give up hope just yet. 

Whether you are an individual trying to find a job that brings meaning to your life or a corporate leader wanting to create a meaningful workplace for a variety of individuals, the diagram here is a great starting point for your consideration. 

In short, meaningful work can come from 3 areas:

Meaningful Work Level #1: The organization itself – the work itself and the people at work – make work feel meaningful. For example, this means that in an organization that makes widgets the organization believes they make the best widgets possible and the team is supportive and appreciative of the role you play in making high quality widgets.

Meaningful Work Level #2: The center ring of the diagram shows that when work is in harmony  (and NOT in conflict) with employees’ lives and needs, then employees find work to be consistent with the meaningfulness of their life. Think of jobs at organizations that have generous vacation packages, paid parental leaves, and work-from-home options. 

Meaningful Work Level #3: When work is directly connected to making the world a better place, it fits in the outer ring. The giving-back professions (like those in healthcare and teaching) are more likely to be classified as Meaningful Work #1 jobs.

As I noted in prior posts, I taught for 17 years at the college level, but it took me about 5 years to find this “outer-ring, giving-back” position meaningful. I had some work to do on myself before I could accept the true meaningfulness (a word?) of the job. I needed to feel seasoned and capable BEFORE I could connect to and appreciate the fact that I was making a difference in the education of others . . . that I was skilled enough to be a favorite faculty member or my class could rank among one of my students’ favorites. 

Since “retiring” from my side-gig of teaching in 2019, I have put all my meaningful eggs in my coach/author basket. I relish the wins that my clients achieve and delight in the feedback I get from those who have read my books and found them helpful. I deeply appreciate how my work is meaningful TO ME on all three levels discussed above. Of course, the emphasis above (TO ME) is clear . . . it only matters what I think. Right? 

So, the question is up to you. Are you looking for meaningful work? If so, which level is most important? Do you need to change? Does the work need to change? Does your organization need to change? The quest for meaningful work is not always linear, nor is it always easy, but it is definitely worth it. 

Go find it! (Let me know if you need any help!)

#TuesdayGiving – Got Plans?

Do you have big plans for the rest of today, #givingtuesday? Not so much? Well, just in case you’re open to suggestions I’ll share my plans . . . and possibly get your wheels turning.

You are probably familiar with the idea that it makes sense to think globally but act locally. The concept here is that it’s difficult to personally impact the entire world, but that our local actions – when aligned with the global good – CAN make an impact.

It reminds me of a famous quote about change from Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

That quote fills me up. It reminds me that my small efforts to help individuals or organizations matter.

This year, on #GivingTuesday, I’ve decided to give to two local non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our Indianapolis community.

These two inspiring non-profits were started by remarkable individuals who gathered their “peeps” with the hope that they could change the world for the better.

Their histories are different, their missions are different . . . their ultimate goal is similar: improving the lives of Indianapolis families.

Below is the (very condensed) 411 on these foundations.

1️⃣ Riley Children’s Foundation: In 1921 – yes, you read that correctly, 100 years ago – this foundation was created by the friends of the famous poet James Whitcomb Riley. For over a century, the foundation has worked to create, support and sustain the following entities:
🟢Riley Hospital for Children (that helps more than 57,000 patients annually!)
🟢The James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home,
🟢Groundbreaking pediatric research, and
🟢Patient programs that need additional funding.

2️⃣ The Patachou Foundation: In 2013 – yes, just 8 years ago – this foundation was established by restaurateur Martha Hoover to feed and educate food-insecure children in Indianapolis. In this short amount of time, the foundation has accomplished so much. In 2021, the foundation:
🟩Served 60,000 scratch-made meals to children,
🟩Facilitated interactive farm field trips for 150 youth,
🟩Selected 9 Food Fellows for a paid workforce development program, and
🟩Continued to equip schools to fight hunger using hands-on learning about food, nutrition, and cooking.

Full disclosure, I am grateful to know both of the remarkable leaders of these two foundations: Liz Elkas, the President and CEO of Riley Children’s Foundation, and Matthew Feltrop, the Executive Director of The Patachou Foundation.

Indianapolis is lucky to have such talented folks in these important roles, working to improve our city, our lives, and our globe.

So, did I get your wheels turning? What’s your favorite non-profit organization?

Hope you had a great turkey day and an even better #givingtuesday!