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Choose Optimism

Incorporating optimism into your daily life can have a wonderful impact on your personal and professional growth. Research tells us that optimists set more goals than pessimists and rise above challenges more easily. Why? Read on! Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as being lucky. However, thinking that you are lucky can produce meaningful […]

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What About a New Year’s Habit, Not a New Year’s Resolution

Thinking about a News Year’s resolution? Research shows that by February as many as 80% of New Year’s resolutions will have gone by the wayside. So, what’s a better idea? Check this out! ⬇ Here’s a fresh idea for making 2023 great: initiate a new¬†habit¬†that supports a long term goal. A few years ago, after […]

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Make Your Habits Work FOR You

Everyone has habits. Some work for us. Some work against us. Creating habits that improve our lives, our businesses, our communities, and the world around us is a worthy endeavor. Agree? Want some tips for changing your daily habits? First and foremost, please recognize that we control our habits . . . not the other […]

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