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Is your GREATNESS showing?

Have you displayed your greatness lately? Maximize your potential by tapping into your talents. Every day. To learn more about making the most of yourself, your team, or your business go to to learn about coaching packages.  

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Wisdom comes to those who appreciate the unique qualities found in self and others.

Do you know what makes you unique? If “no” is your answer, this issue can be quickly fixed. Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and find out. The chances that anyone else will have your results is one in 33 million. Your unique qualities make you special and powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Your strengths can […]

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Are you getting better every day?

In my book, Unstuck at Last: Using Your Strengths to Get What You Want, I discuss the concept of amelioration. The idea behind amelioration is continuous, ongoing, and repetitive-to-the-point-of-monotony improvement. Huge and historic improvements are great. But let’s face it, they are hard to achieve. I gain so much from coaching individuals who have Developer strengths because […]

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