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The benefits of a curious mind . . .

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Is curiosity a gift or a curse?  When parents are riddled by questions from their insistently inquisitive children, the answer may seem like the later. But research shows that inquisitive people have an edge on the rest of us, who may be less inquiring. Here are 5 benefits you (or your inquisitive child) may naturally reap from being someone who seeks more information about the world.

Five Benefits of Being Curious: 

  1. Better survival abilities: Those who constantly want to learn more are frequently considering how the changes that are coming down the pike may impact their world today and in the future.
  2. Increased happiness: Research has also shown that those who are curious have lower levels of anxiety, more life satisfaction, greater psychological well-being, and higher levels of positive emotions.
  3. Greater achievement: Not surprisingly, those who are curious are more engaged at school and have higher academic achievement.
  4. More empathy: Being interested in learning about the lives and emotions of people who are different from us gives us more insight into their feelings.
  5. Stronger relationships: Research has found that when people ask personal questions to a stranger (that show genuine curiosity) they are rated as warmer and more attractive.

Being inquisitive is a trait I frequently find in individuals who have Input in their “Top 5” StrengthsFinder results. When coaching individuals with high Input strengths, we frequently discuss how to best flex their love of finding new information and doling it out to others. These individuals want to share their knowledge by providing tangible and intangible resources.

Tapping into the resourcefulness of your naturally inquisitive colleagues is a fantastic way to grow their Input strengths and lessen your workload. Answering all your child’s curious questions may seem tedious and time consuming now, but will undoubtedly help him or her to become the natural “go-to person” or “answer-man” that my naturally inquisitive clients relishing being.

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