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Are you prepared for your next interview?

It takes less than a minute to Google “Most frequently asked interview questions.” Despite the few seconds that are required to complete this task, many interviewees come to interviews unprepared to answer them and end up underwhelming their interviewers. When I work with individuals who are prepping for an interview, they usually moan when I […]

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Volunteering – It’s A Career Must

I just finished reading an article by Noble McIntyre entitled “The Hidden Benefits of Volunteering Your Time.” And I could not agree more. In fact, the benefits are so easily recognized, a more apt title might have been “The Glaringly Obvious Benefits of Volunteering.” The article lists common reasons to volunteer that relate to resume […]

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3 Tips for Preparing for a Big Interview

Careful preparation for a big interview or client meeting is critical to confidence and success.  How do you prepare for potentially career-changing events?  Below are three tips to help to build self-assurance, harness past success, and hit the bull’s-eye.  Recognize that your non-verbal communication will speak louder than your verbal communication.  Remember to sit straight and be alert in the waiting room and in the interview.  Did […]

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