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Want to Know the Secret to Live to 95?

  What’s it take to be 95-years young? And more importantly, 95-years strong? Read on to learn the delightful secrets of Geradline Corr. Geraldine was born on March 12, 1926 in Chicago. She is 95 years old. Two years ago she moved into a Northside Indy retirement community. The move enabled her to be closer […]

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Connect, Grow, and Transform: Get Your Team Out of the Box

  Working from home can be a grind. For many teams who are accustomed to working alongside one another, this unprecedented time of working from home due to COVID-19 has come with a high price tag. The price has been felt in a variety of ways: increased stress, increased loneliness, decreased engagement at work, and […]

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Needed: More coaches and fewer bosses

If you think back over your career, who was your best boss? My guess is that regardless of your age, race, or profession, your best boss was actually a great coach. To be honest, the term boss seems pretty dated. In most settings, it has been replaced by words like manager, supervisor, or leader. When […]

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