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Be Curious

Curiosity killed the cat, right? Wrong. Curiosity builds strong leaders and teams. Below are a handful of great ways  to remain curious about the world and reasons why curiosity helps you and those around you.

Ways to Remain Curious

  • Keep an open mind when speaking with others or learning new information.
  • Travel and experience different cultures within your own country and abroad.
  • Ask questions of others and be introspective.
  • Look for differences and similarities in all people and places.
  • Read as much as possible and mix your genre up – fiction, non-fiction, history, mystery, and anything else that spurs your interest.

Why Is Curiosity Important?

  1. Curiosity fuels our imagination. When we are curious, we are more likely to be creative at work and open to innovation.
  2. Curiosity improves relationships. Asking questions of others spurs connection and insight.
  3. Curiosity spurs self-knowledge. Thinking about why we think the way we do can help us understand ourselves as well as possible biases and blind spots.
  4. Curiosity prevents “know-it-all” arrogance. When we recognize there is always more to learn, we are humbled by our ignorance.
  5. Curiosity keeps us young. Curiosity about the others, ourselves, and our world inspires the wide-eyed wonder that we had as children.

Good luck on your journey to stay curious. Undoubtedly, your rekindled curiosity will move you forward.

For more about how curiosity can improve your and your team, see Sarah Robinson’s new book  FRESH Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team. 




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