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Without Highs and Lows, We Are Dead

This great video says it all. Whether you’re in the midst of a personal low point, helping a friend who is bottoming-out, or parenting a child who is down-in-the-dumps, this too shall pass. The highs are on their way. Both highs and lows let us know we are alive. A life devoid of these highs […]

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Patience is challenging for the Activator!

As an Activator, I know how hard it is to be patient. I’m naturally impatient. I feel most successful when I am able to distinguish between a foolish race to action and a wise rush to make things happen. There are days when I choose to be patient with my impatience and there are days […]

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Willpower and Patience – A Funny Look at Two Virtues

Do you know about the marshmallow experiment? ┬áThis funny video gives us a behind the scenes perspective and lets us watch children who need to tap into their inner willpower and adult-like patience. It allows us to imagine what the original experimenters might have seen in the late 1960’s. These adorable kids are seated directly […]

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