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Using My Strengths to Cross the Finish Line

Later this month I will turn 50. I’m good with it, I think. None of us are getting any younger, and if the only other option is death, I think aging is much preferable. There are good years and not-so-good years. My 49th year has been very, very mixed. Personally and professionally it’s been great. […]

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Partnerships are a breeding ground for good decision-making.

Being able to value an alternative perspective (especially those in direct opposition to my way of thinking) is a skill that I could spend my entire lifetime cultivating. Frequently, I want to rush into a situation, instinctively make a decision, and move on. This is clearly the Activator in me at work. Given this talent, I can feel […]

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Patience is challenging for the Activator!

As an Activator, I know how hard it is to be patient. I’m naturally impatient. I feel most successful when I am able to distinguish between a foolish race to action and a wise rush to make things happen. There are days when I choose to be patient with my impatience and there are days […]

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