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Great question . . .


Does your manager consider this question, “How easy do I make it for you to do great work?” a primary duty of his or her job?

In my experiences as an executive coach and as a college instructor, I have heard coaching clients and college students alternatively praise or moan about their managers – at length. I consistently hear four issues raised.

Great managers differ from average and mediocre managers because they do the following:

Great Managers

  • help you do great work by recognizing your special assets;
  • encourage partnerships because no one should be expected to be self-sufficient;
  • are on the look-out for (or at least open to) change and creative ideas;
  • make you feel heard and understood.

I wonder how many managers consider the issues addressed in the list above to be critical job duties.

When you consider the ideas listed here, what do you think is most important? I lean toward choosing the first bullet point: having a manager who takes responsibility for helping me do great work. That might be because doing great work is important to me. Given my personal perspective, I  mistakenly assume it’s a priority for everyone.

Please weigh in and let me know your thoughts!



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