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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Here’s to Making Your Own Luck

The quote above is from Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson is one of my favorite historical leaders. In fact, I feel so close to him, I’ve given him a nickname – TJ.

TJ was no slacker. He was a hard worker who accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime. Just five of TJ’s many significant accomplishments include:

  • being the principle author of the Declaration of Independence, an amazing document that was created in just 17 days.
  • serving as the first U.S. Secretary of State (1790-1793).
  • serving as the third President of the United States (1801-1809).
  • doubling the size of the United States while President of the United States; this feat was achieved by orchestrating the greatest land deal ever – the Louisiana Purchase.
  • founding the University of Virginia in 1819.

This short list shows the magnitude of TJ’s impact, his life-long devotion to hard work, and the good luck he managed to have along the way. It’s a great reminder that hard work always seems to come before luck and not the other way around.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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