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Learning about strengths EARLY pays off


Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of speaking to Brebeuf Jesuit Prepartory School’s Ignatian Scholars. These high achieving students are in class designed to help them fulfill their potentials – inside and outside of school.

Their instructor, Todd Howard, first asked them to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and then requested that I explain their fascinating results. The class was impressed (as are most groups I talk to) with the small likelihood that anyone else would have their Top 5 Strengths in that order: 1 in 33 million. We all like to be reminded that we are unique and special and this group was no different.

I normally talk to corporate clients, and occasionally college students, about their strengths so it was fun for me to be interacting with these 15 and 16 year old students who are high school sophomores. They have so much life in front of them. Letting them know the value of using their strengths early was my major message. Gallup’s research has shown that when individuals learn their results between the ages of 15-26 they have significantly higher job satisfaction and significantly higher income levels 26 years later.

I was impressed with this great group. And I look forward to seeing how they will be impacting our city and our world 26 years from now.

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