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Live From Your Heart – It Will Bring Happiness and Effectiveness

live from the heart

I read this beautiful poem today and wanted to pass it along.  

Living from the heart brings authenticity and therefore leads to happiness with oneself and others. Living from the heart also brings a sense of pride in the tasks one accomplishes and subsequently improves one’s effectiveness at work and at home.  

Enjoy these inspiring words.

Live from the heart

There is nothing you will gain by pretending to be someone you are not. Be who you are, and live from the heart.

There is great power in your own unique purpose. Dare to connect with that purpose, and let it energize your every action.

Your true dreams and desires are not there to frustrate you. They are there to inspire you and to point the way forward.

You are immersed in a sea of abundance and possibilities. Choose to passionately follow the possibilities that resonate with your heart.

Don’t be overly concerned with what you must get through. Keep your focus solidly on what you have chosen to get to.

You are beautiful, so let that beauty give its power to everything you do. Live from the heart, and be your most magnificent best.

— Ralph Marston



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