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Loneliness v. Connection: Grow More Connections

Despite it being the month of hearts, love, red candies, and Valentine’s Day cards, there is more loneliness today than ever before.

Most everyone I know feels a bit more disconnected, distracted, and well . . . lonely.

It’s a sign of our germy and complicated times. But what’s worse is that loneliness was on the rise even before the pandemic (Harvard Magazine January-February 2021).

Being more intentional and creating more connections in 2021 is a must. Why? Because there are big psychological costs to isolation, namely increased anxiety and depression.  Like many psychological matters, there is a stigma around loneliness.  People are embarrassed and ashamed to be lonely. Admitting to being lonely is awkward . . . but ironically such an admission can be remarkably unifying in our current world.

This week I hosted 2 webinars entitled “Using Your Strengths to Grow Connections in 2021.” The response was more than heartening (pun intended). The participants clearly appreciated having a vehicle to discuss this touchy-feely and taboo topic.  Thank you to all who attended. Your candid comments and authentic insights about the challenges of making meaningful connections were invaluable. Similarly, learning how you’ve used your strengths to overcome some of these challenges was inspiring.

If you missed the opportunity to be a part of the webinar and would like to hear a taped version, please let me know. I’d be happy to share it with you.

Of course, if you’d rather inspire your team members to use their strengths more intentionally to combat loneliness and grow connections, I can help you with that as well.

Thanks to attendees and their fantastic organizations: #IUHealth #ElementsFinancial #CapitalGroup #Cabi #bayleon #elevateyourstatus #foundationfe #fairwaylawns #cardon






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