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Motivation and Commitment – Only Needs to Last 30 Days

How are your 2014 New Year’s resolutions coming? Are you eating more healthfully? Have you been exercising more frequently? And what about arriving to work earlier? These are all commendable goals – ones that many of us try to adhere to at the beginning of the year but may sadly find ourselves falling off the wagon in mid-February (or earlier).

The good news is that committing to a particular goal for only 30 days may lead to higher self-confidence and overall life satisfaction. Watch this 3-minute video and start contemplating your 30-day goal list. Whether you want to give up sugar, bike to work, floss your teeth, practice yoga, eat only raw foods, or write a novel, it’s possible to turn these goals into 30-day personal experiments.

I challenge you to test your motivation and commitment for 30 days! Who knows what you could accomplish?

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