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Some people love to problem solve


Are you a natural-born problem solver or do you have a go-to person in your office who can answer an array of questions? While many of us shy away from troubling problems, others gravitate toward them. Some love addressing the well-understood and familiar problems while others dive into the unfamiliar and complex issues with a vengeance. The key issue here is that some people are more naturally talented at finding points of pain and dysfunction. These individuals WANT to look for the bug in the system, weed out the bad, and trouble-shoot.

I have coached a number of managers who have Restorative strengths in their “Top 5” StrengthsFinder results and fit the description above to a “T”. They find great reward in answering questions and showing their staff how to untangle a particular mess they’ve seen before.  I have also seen how an entire office can rely on an individual with Restorative strengths to be the impromptu question answer-er and go-to person for problems small and large.

Do you wonder if you or someone on your team has this fantastic trait? Contact me and let’s find out.

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