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Start Thinking About Your 2017 Goals


Contemplating the end of one year and the start of another encourages us to reflect on the high points of the year we are ushering out and ponder about the goals we might choose for the year coming in. About 48% of people are likely to make New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, only 8% say they are able to achieve their resolutions.

How can you raise your chances of being part of that exclusive group, the determined and goal-fulfilled 8%? Here’s a short list of do’s and do not’s.

  1. DO chose a goal that will impact you both professionally and personally.
  2. DO connect your goal to the methods you’ve used in the past to achieve something difficult. List-making, partnering with a friend, and allowing yourself to become an expert (by reading or taking a class) are examples of common methods people use to make an intimidating goal feel more natural and therefore become more manageable.
  3. DO get started as soon as possible. Procrastination is discouraged.
  4. DO NOT try to emulate someone else – EVEN if the person you’re trying to emulate was successful in achieving the same goal! Imitating someone else will lead you to feel inauthentic and awkward.
  5. DO NOT go into deficiency mode. If you send yourself ┬áthe message that “I’m terrible at __, so there’s no way I’ll achieve my goal of __” you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Happy goal setting!

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