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The Purpose of Life


A bit grandiose? Figuring out the purpose of life is what gets us up in the morning and keeps us chugging along during the day. My thoughts on this topic range from “no one knows the answer to this question” to “maybe I’ve got it.” The visual above is helpful.

Today, I’ll take a stab at it: just be whoever you really are. Our authenticity is important. It’s easy to copy and mimic the actions of someone we admire. Unfortunately, the effort put forth in such a display is never equal to the product or the end result. When we mimic and imitate others, we look ridiculous. We are fake. We are false.

Understanding what makes us each unique and special is a gift that allows us to follow our dreams and aspirations, without settling for being someone else. Even if that someone else is truly fantastic, who wants to be a bad imitation?

Do you know your gift? Are you following your authentic dreams? Are you being the most genuine you you can be? Are you able to share this special piece of yourself with others?

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