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Job Satisfaction – Some Great Tips


Recently I read an article entitled “10 Psychological Keys to Job Satisfaction” and was impressed with the relevance and the succinctness of the piece.  The two points I found most relevant to today’s leaders – and I define leaders anyone who helps others see the futuristic vision of your workplace – were the author’s discussion of achievement and feedback. Below I’ve quoted directly from Dr. Jeremy Dean’s Psyblog article.


“People feel more satisfied with their job if they’ve achieved something. In some jobs achievements are obvious, but for others they’re not. As smaller cogs in larger machines it may be difficult to tell what we’re contributing. That’s why the next factor can be so important…


There’s nothing worse than not knowing whether or not you’re doing a good job. When it comes to job satisfaction, no news is bad news. Getting negative feedback can be painful but at least it tells you where improvements can be made. On the other hand positive feedback can make all the difference to how satisfied people feel.”


These two points are meaningful to me personally and professionally. I crave achievement and feedback from others. For this reason, my ears may be more pricked to hearing others bemoan their lack of achievement and feedback when discussing workplace problems in one-on-one coaching sessions.

But what strikes me most about these two “keys” to job satisfaction is that leaders can easily establish steps that help workers feel less “cog-like” and more purposeful. Explaining how the daily activities of employees impact the organization’s overall productivity is the first step in that process. Likewise, honest and thoughtful feedback can lead to more competent and satisfied workers. If negative feedback is received, at least the worker has a road map (in the form of candid comments) to help him or her become a successful team player.

Job satisfaction is relevant to today’s businesses because increases in job satisfaction correlate with important workplace measurements, namely: lower turnover rates, increases in productivity and increases in profitability.  High turnover, lack of productivity and low profits can send a business into ruin. Conversely, making efforts to increase feedback and achievement cost a company nothing at all! What are you waiting for? Today, start giving employees what they crave most: a clear picture of how and why they contribute to the success of your organization and a candid overview of their performance. Don’t wait until their annual review, it might be too late.

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