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Find a Job than Makes You Happy!


On May 11, 2013, Former President Bill Clinton gave Howard University graduates some personal advice – he encouraged them to find a job that makes them happy by doing what they do best.  Clinton followed up this advice with the acknowledgement that very few people world-wide are offered the opportunity to choose how to support themselves.  Having self-determination regarding our career paths is a gift to be embraced.  During this season of graduation ceremonies and inspiring commencement speeches, take a moment to consider your career journey.  Are you happy?  Are you doing what you do best?  Focusing on personal happiness at work may seem indulgent to some, but I agree with President Clinton that shining a spotlight on happiness will allow new graduates (and old ones) to navigate the many possibilities open to them and hone in on what they do best.

To view a portion of President Clinton’s speech go to:

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