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Get Gritty!

Are you a believer in grit or overnight success? 

I enjoy hearing stories of both, but my head 🧠 and heart 💖lean heavily towards the gritty guy or gal who has persevered and succeeded after years of hard work.

I fundamentally believe that gritty people have the edge when it comes to success. And I’m inspired to do MORE and try HARDER after hearing gritty stories. 

We are bombarded with “quick fixes” – 10-day diets and 24-hour full-home makeovers – but in reality, real success is rarely seen overnight.🌙

Leaders, colleagues and parents need to encourage grittiness by trumpeting the gritty behaviors that lead to success. 

Here are two of my favorite stories.

#1. My husband is a 4-time Ironman race finisher💪! 

The monotonous and exhausting training that led up to my husband completing these races is an example of grit embodied. During the months prior to each race, his weekends were filled with long bike rides that started at dawn, hot runs on the track, and exhausting swims. Without that dedication, he would never have been successful. 

#2. Izak has been a part of my extended family for most of his life. 👶

He is the grittiest 18-year-old that I have ever encountered. His family is originally from Niger and they are Muslim. Although he attends a Jesuit high school, he continues to practice his family’s faith, which includes fasting from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan – the holy month of fasting, introspection, and prayer. His dedication to academics, his kind heart, and his ability to be himself at such a young age is awe inspiring. He will attend Indiana University this fall as a 21st Century Scholar. 

Whose grit inspires you? 💭 Give a shout-out to an inspiring gritty role model. 📣

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