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Growing and Failing

I have a huge fear of failure. When failure occurs, my first thoughts are not very productive.

A typical first thought is, “I’m a total disaster! How mortifying!”🤦

I stay in this sad place for hours or days, depending on the size and scope of my failure. 

And then – sometimes with help and sometimes independently – I am able to:

✔️Recognizing my mistakes

✔️Own the role I have played in my failure

✔️ Dig in and course correct to prevent future failures

I believe these traits serve me well and allow me to be a person who has a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset. 

However, I want to be 100% clear. I certainly DO NOT rejoice when failure strikes and gleefully sing about how I’m growing. Best case scenario, I might laugh at my mistake and sarcastically note aloud that “this is clearly an area where more growth is needed.”

Resiliency in the face of failure is challenging. I’ve intentionally built this skill EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR around the sun☀️.

And I do not see that intentional effort stopping anytime soon.♾️

The benefits of having a growth mindset are HUGE and a few should be highlighted. 

☝🏽lower stress

☝🏽better work relationships

☝🏽higher performance levels at work

☝🏽enhanced brain development

I suspect my lifelong fear of failure will never leave me. My only hope is that it never STOPS me from striving and growing. 

Whether you’ve had a rough day or a great day, I hope this perspective brightens it! 



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