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Giving Back Is Fun: Thank You Mickey’s Camp

I attended Mickey’s Camp for Women this year.

Want to know what I learned there?

Here are the BIG ah-ha’s (least to most surprising):

  • This amazing event is everything it’s cracked up to be! This was my first year and I’m honored to say I was BOTH a presenter and a camper. (It’s hard to live up to hype . . . it did . . . but if you’d heard about this great event, I bet you’re not surprised!)
  • Martha Hoover (Patachou, Inc. restaurateur extraordinaire) is a FANTASTIC KEYNOTE SPEAKER. (Ok, this is not a huge surprise, right?)
  • Disc golf is actually more like golf and less like frisbee than I thought. (I’m thinking this is a medium surprise.)
  • The kangaroo boots are a KILLER workout. Seriously. (Surprised? Yes, it’s true! Great for your core, your balance, and quads!)
  • Mickey’s Camps (for men and women) have donated more than $3,000,000.00, to well-deserving local-to-Indy charities since it’s inception 20 years ago. (The gals camp started 14 years ago.) WOW!!! HUGE SURPRISE AND SO IMPRESSIVE!!!!

A BIG thank you to the great sponsors, the fantastic Maurer family (especially Mickey Maurer), and the amazing non-profits who were chosen this year:

  • Bradford Woods
  • Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Lutheran Child & Family Services—Impact Program
  • Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

What an inspirational event.

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