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Half-Way Through 2021 . . . Checking-in on My Goals

Hope you had a fantastic long weekend! Are you rested, ready, and excited to tackle the second half of 2021?

Yes!! It’s half-time!! On July 2, we marked the official ½-way point of 2021. 

TRUTH: I’m a bit underwhelmed with my 2021 efforts in personal development. 

FOLLOW-UP FACT: As a strengths coach this is a BIG issue. 

REMEDY: Gotta dig in, regroup, set some fun goals, and go. 

I found the attached handout “My Goals for 2021” online while I was digging-in and regrouping. 

It’s quite obviously a tool created for children. I adore it: simple enough for a child but sophisticated enough for an adult. 

Who doesn’t need to:

  • Try something NEW?
  • Learn something NEW?
  • Visit a NEW or FAMILIAR destination?
  • Read for fun? 

I’m a firm believer in the idea that growth of any kind makes us better. However, I’m also aware that adults (me included!) can resist learning new things. It’s easier to do the things we are skilled at and knowledgeable about. 

But we shouldn’t ever take ourselves too seriously. Right? I appreciate the juvenile decorations (hats and confetti!!) on this worksheet, since it reminds me that “hey, kids are supposed to do these things, why shouldn’t adults?”

Wish me luck! I’m excited to:

  • TRY: eating at new restaurants and cooking new recipes;
  • LEARN HOW TO: play pickleball;
  • VISIT: some favorite places; and
  • READ: more fiction and nonfiction books. 

Are you game? How can you fill 2021 with new learning, mini-personal challenges, and FUN?

Let me know if this sparks your interest. 


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