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Let’s Get Your Wheels Turning . . . Ways to Empower Women

What did your organization do to acknowledge Women’s History Month last month? Nothing? Oops! Read on to prevent this mistake next year! You don’t want to be caught empty handed and scrambling for ideas when March 2023 approaches.

Here are tips that any size organization can follow:

#1: Start EARLY⏰
Example: A large midwestern organization with headquarters in the Indy-area started working on their plans for Women’s History Month January, 2022.

Example: They gathered a few great minds from a variety of departments across the organization to consider this question: what could we do during the month of March to celebrate and empower women – inside and outside – of our company. (We’ll call this group The Brainstormers.)

#3. Think about the IMPACT👊
Example: The Brainstormers wanted a solution that was both compassionate and unifying for women.

They wanted to create a unique empowerment experience for a small number of female employees and a few women who rarely have similar opportunities for growth: women who receive assistance from a local non-profit.

And this is where Fresh Concepts, Inc. entered into the picture. A member of The Brainstormers, Julie, had recently read one of my books and participated in an individual coaching session to better understand her CliftonStrengths assessment. Julie was so positively impacted by the process that she pitched the idea to the Brainstormers. Julie asked, “Could we give a similar experience – individual coaching sessions coupled with books to reinforce their learning – to women inside and outside of our organization?”

#4. Make it HAPPEN🔥
Example: What you see pictured here are the books that I delivered to the organization’s headquarters – books that would be used as “prizes” for the organization’s Women’s History Month celebrations and the lucky winners of individual coaching packages.

Bottom line: Don’t let your organization miss the opportunity to celebrate women next year! Use these easy steps as your starting points. Create a plan that highlights your organization’s appreciation of and commitment to women.

🎉And a final note, although the designated month of celebrating women is over, the habit of cheering each other on should never end.🎉

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