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Are You Authentic?

Are you authentic? Do you value authenticity in leadership? At today’s Indy Chamber breakfast event, Seth Morales touched on the importance of authenticity and even shared a vulnerable moment – capturing his authenticity. Want to know how?

He cried. In front of people. Like all his employees.

Why? Well, Seth was speaking to his ever-growing staff at the Morales Group, Inc’s19th anniversary celebration. The highs and lows of the last 2 years, the impact of celebrating such a big anniversary, and his awareness that, as the new CEO, he is steering the ship all culminated. And in his words, “I balled!”

I love this! And appreciate leaders who are both authentic and vulnerable in front of their team.

Interestingly, I’ve never met Seth before today. However, in 2019, I was a guest on his organization’s “Skill Up Build Up” podcast talking about my books (and the importance of human connection and authenticity!)

Thanks to the Indy Chamber for another great event, and for Seth’s transparency today.

Want to know more about how leaders can build great teams? Check out  Fresh Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team for more about the importance of being authentic, transparent and human when leading others.

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