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Make Time to Be Grateful – 5 Tips


November is a great month to reflect on all we have and all we are deeply thankful for. Today, Veteran’s Day, Americans turn their attention to the enormous gratitude we have for those who keep us safe by serving our country.

Incorporating gratitude into your daily life by turning certain activities into habits can have a wonderful impact on your personal and professional growth. Research tells us that being grateful makes each of us and those around us much happier. Why? Because small efforts can lead to large outcomes. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you to make small changes at work and at home.

1. Remember to say thank you for the big and small kindnesses shown to you every day.

2. Write a thank-you note or e-mail.

3. Do something for a stranger.

4. Surprise a loved one with a small act of gratitude.

5. Give a bigger than usual tip to your barista, waiter, or hair cutter.

This list is short, sweet, and easy to accomplish. Gratitude is contagious. Try to catch the gratitude bug and pass it along to as many friends as possible.

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