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Three Secrets to Giving Meaningful Gifts

It’s that time of year again: December. Are you considering everyone you want to buy for and wondering how you can possibly find the perfect gift for each person on your list? I am always thrilled when I find the perfect gift for a friend or loved-one. There is a certain rush that occurs when I think I’ve nailed the right gift, purchased it, and wrapped it up. While I realize that the standard of finding the perfect gift is unrealistic, the challenge to stay in the “perfect gift” game is remarkably compelling.

After some soul-searching and self-coaching, I’ve decided to change my gift-giving tune. This year I’m striving to give meaningful gifts, but not necessarily “perfect” gifts.

Below are some top-secret, coaching tips for giving meaningful gifts. You’ll see, there is a not-so-subtle theme and (no-surprise) it has to do with focusing on the strengths of each person on your “Buying For” list.

When Choosing a Gift:

  1. Consider what they do BEST. Are they amazingly gifted at starting conversations with strangers or shockingly great at solving problems? How might these natural talents translate into spot-on (and meaningful) gifts? Giving a well-chosen biography or a “how-to” book are great ways to compliment your recipient while giving a gift. For example, “You are so amazing at thinking about the future, I thought you’d love this book about vision boards.”
  2. What talents does this person have that are under-utilized? Could a thoughtful gift prompt the recipient to grow this talent? For example, a journal might encourage a great communicator to start jotting down some her terrific stories. Similarly, an art class for a creative loved-one could be the nudge that helps him to harness his artistic gifts.
  3. Think about how you picture this person? When they are doing what they love, what are they wearing (for example: cozy slippers, athletic shoes, or high heels) and what might be by their side (for example: music playing, coffee brewing, or a kitten napping)? Everyone needs the right gear to set the mood. Tap into the ambiance that helps them to use their strengths.

In Sum:

December isn’t yet a wrap (pun intended). You still have time to consider the most meaningful gifts to give, to thrill the people you love most, and to offer gifts that play to their strengths.

Wishing you a gift-giving season that inspires a fantastic 2021.

(Of course, if you’d rather just focus on helping everyone on your “Buying For” list to understand their strengths and use them daily, here’s a link that will check that box.)

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