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Two Tips for 2015

Here are two research-based tips that could lead to a better year ahead.

First, train your brain to concentrate on the positive. The TEDx talk below explains the phenomenon we have all experienced: we quickly forget the highs we encounter on great days, but the lows we encounter on disappointing days linger.

Sadly, our failures don’t just seem to dominate our consciousness more than our successes. Research shows negative emotions actually last longer.

What to do?

Tip One:  Train yourself to be grateful for the many small or large positive experiences you have every day. Force yourself to take note of as many good things as you possibly can. At the end of each day, record the three best things that occurred. Reflecting on these positive experiences will end your day on a pleasant note. Soon, you will start looking forward to the time you have allotted to be reflective. Sharing one of these positive experiences with a friend or family member should allow you to get an even greater punch out of the memory.

Second, take time to relax and enjoy others. We may be tempted to cash-in our vacation days or forego trips because they seem laden with expenses and not worth the effort.

Think again.

Tip Two: Take regular vacations. Research by Gallup shows that Well-Being Index scores are significantly higher for Americans who make time for regular trips or vacations with friends and family. In fact, making time for vacations was more important than income level when well-being was assessed. In fact, Americans who took regular vacations and reported income less than $24,000 per year had a higher Well-Being Index (68.4%) than Americans who rarely took vacations but made more than $120,000 per year.

Well-Being Index Scores of Regular vs. Irregular Vacation Takers, by Income

I hope these tips inspire you to have a happy and healthy 2015!


To read the full Gallup article go to

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