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Be Authentic This Holiday Season!

Social Butterfly

So, ya wanna be a social butterfly this holiday season? If so, ya wanna WOO ’em. (WOO is #strengths-talk for Winning Others Over!) I’ve got a solution to this sticky situation!

See below. ⬇️

But in case you’re short on time, I’ll cut to the chase.

The Bad News☹️: Sorry, but unless you have WOO in your “top 10,” imitating a WOO will look, feel, and BE inauthentic.

The Good News😊: There are a HOST of other strengths that can be used to authentically connect with others at holiday parties, family functions, and everything in-between during the month of December!

Yes, most of us secretly wish that we were NATURALLY super outgoing during the holidays. All of the parties and activities during December can be exhausting to most of us. By contrast, the WOO can strike up a conversation with ANYONE! And this activity GIVES them energy🔋, instead of depleting them😴. WOO is a very fun strength!

Hey, I wish it was in my wheelhouse too. But, it’s not. Below is your (and MY!)  back-up plan if we wanna look like a WOO (in our own strength-based way.)

Here’s the short list:

#Learner: Try to learn something new about everyone you encounter. Ask them what they loved to study in high school or their favorite vacation EVER.
#Includer: Be on the lookout for those who don’t feel comfortable in a group setting and chat with them one-on-one or draw them into the crowd.
#Relator : Decide to go deeper with someone you know but do not know WELL. What was their favorite family holiday tradition? Do they have anxiety during the holidays? Why?
#Achiever : As someone who likes to get things done, be of service to your host or hostess. Offer to tend the bar, clean up dishes, or put another log on the fire.

Remember, being the REAL YOU at the holidays is the best gift anyone can receive. 🎁🎁

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