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Happy National Author’s Day Nov 1

Nation Author's Day

Nov 1 is National Author’s Day. Phew! You didn’t miss it! You still have time to celebrate an author who has impacted you. Not sure what “celebrating an author” looks like? Ideas below! ⬇

1️⃣ . Write a review of a book that’s impacted you. Amazon makes review writing super easy. Do it T̳O̳D̳A̳Y̳!
2️⃣ . Reach out to your favorite author with a personal note. Not sure how to find your author? Send your note to the author’s publisher.
3️⃣ . In a reading rut? Find an up-and-coming author who intrigues you, or an established author who has a series of books. Watch them grow and develop as a writer.
4️⃣ . Want to be an author? I cannot encourage you more fervently. It’s not easy but it is super rewarding. Reach out to me if you need more personalized inspiration and bolstering.

I’ve written two books. They are like children to me. I am proud of them. I am so glad to have made them. Writing a book isn’t a cake walk (it’s hard work and frustrating at times!) but it is worth every ounce of effort put forth.

An enormous thank you to Julia Cameron. I’ve read her book ‘ :  cover to cover twice, referenced it countless times, and encouraged numerous coaching clients to embrace the practices spelled out in this best-selling guide to fulfilling your creative self.

Had I not read “The Artist’s Way” in 2001 I question if I would have had the nerve to write a book. Julia, thank you for helping me to find my nerve and unblock my creativity.

Of course, an enormous thank you to everyone at Niche Pressworks (especially my friend Nicole Gebhardt) for ushering me through the book-writing process – twice.

Recap/summary: the easiest thing to do on this list is write a review and make an author’s day.

(p.s. I have over 100 reviews of my first book  : . These reviews are like fuel to me. Many thanks to many strangers and dear friends who took the time to share how my book helped them. Now go do it again for another author!)

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