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Quiet Quitting – It’s For Real

Do you know a quiet quitter? I bet you do! The bad news : quiet quitting is more than just hype — and it’s hurting your workplace. The good news : quiet quitting can be prevented. Learn how! ⬇

First, let’s define the newly coined term: .

My guess is that you know a quiet quitter because recent research indicates that employees are working fewer hours ⏲ and that lack of engagement is on the rise ⬆ .

The quiet quitting trend is hurting your workplace because jobs are more complex than ever before and cannot be fully accomplished without going above and beyond. The quiet quitters are not interested in giving this extra effort and are presumably passing off more work to their colleagues.

Unfortunately, this is a recipe for low morale, burnout, and workplace tension for those who are left to pick up the slack.

Of course, quiet quitting is not an altogether new issue. Think of it as a rebranding of the term “not engaged.”

1️⃣ Start tracking employee engagement. You can’t fix it if you don’t know how engaged or disengaged your team is.
2️⃣ Train your managers to be effective leaders and coaches. Lack of engagement is the fault of poor management. Full stop.

Don’t let quiet quitting drag down your workplace culture. Put in the effort to make your workplace culture special. ✨

Contact me if you are looking to increase employee engagement in 2023 and want some tips!

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