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Twitter: Inform, not MeForm



PsyBlog put out a great article today entitled “Twitter – 7 Highly Effective Habits.” My favorite among the 7 tips is the second on the list “Inform, not meform”.  What the author means by this is that giving knowledge to others is a great way to use Twitter, but imparting more information about oneself (unless you are Brad Pitt) is a bore.

This may strike many as common sense, but of the 500+ Twitter users studied in a recent 15-month survey, only 20 percent were informers, while a whopping 80% were meformers.  Possibly the tides will change when these self-preoccupied tweeters realize that informers grow followers at thirty times the rate of meformers.

To see the entire article, see the link below.

Twitter: 7 Highly Effective Habits

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