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Best Holiday Work Gift? Kindness, Attention, and Feedback

“What we all really want at work — even if we overlook it or refuse to admit it — is some kindness. Some attention. A little feedback that lets us know we’re doing something right.” I wish I’d written these words but they were actually written by Rex Huppke and published over the weekend in […]

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Are you prepared for your next interview?

It takes less than a minute to Google “Most frequently asked interview questions.” Despite the few seconds that are required to complete this task, many interviewees come to interviews unprepared to answer them and end up underwhelming their interviewers. When I work with individuals who are prepping for an interview, they usually moan when I […]

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Strengths – A Survival Kit

The list below sites common methods medical professions endorse for staying healthy. It’s a short list that amounts to something of a survival kit. Maintain a healthy weight. Exercise regularly. Don’t smoke. Eat a healthy diet. Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all. Protect yourself from the sun. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections. Get […]

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