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Thank You ‘FRESH Leadership’ Launch Partners

A huge thank you to the many individuals who made the launch of my newly released book, FRESH Leadership: 5 SKills to Transform You and Your Team, a success. While writing a book might look like a solo activity from afar, up close there are a host of friends, colleagues, and advisers who make up […]

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People Need One Another

Do you like to fly solo? I ask that question both literally and figuratively. Sometimes it’s nice to travel alone. You don’t need to wait for your companion’s luggage or worry about getting them a latte before boarding. It can be nice to work independently too. When we work solo, we may believe we have […]

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Finding genuine help is a sign of a true partner and friend.

Everyone needs more partners. Partners are people who genuinely strive to help us overcome the challenges we encounter personally and professionally. They push to make us better, stronger, and smarter. To learn more about creating productive partnerships read chapter six of Unstuck at Last: Using Your Strengths to Get What You Want. To find out more about the […]

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