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Thank You ‘FRESH Leadership’ Launch Partners

A huge thank you to the many individuals who made the launch of my newly released book, FRESH Leadership: 5 SKills to Transform You and Your Team, a success. While writing a book might look like a solo activity from afar, up close there are a host of friends, colleagues, and advisers who make up the complicated support network that (at least in my case) is critical to pulling off the daunting task of publishing a book.

My sincere thanks go to:

Nicole Gebhardt and everyone at Niche PressWorks; John O’Haver and Jim Cota at Rare Bird; Eric Pascarelli of Pascarelli Productions; Greg Perez of Greg Perez Studio; early readers and reiewers: Martha Hoover, David Mangan, Brandon Miller, John Kirby, Elizabeth Miney, Eric Spohn, Elizabeth Urbanski, Joanie Muench, Tom O’Neil, Julie McGinnis, Matthew Feltrop, Kevin Pahud, SallyAnn Hulick, JoDee Curtis, Cheryl Graham, Deborah Dorman, Laura Hayes, Eugene Taylor, Laura Taylor, Brent O’Bannon, Cynthia Yosha-Snyder, Michelle Smirnoff, Nancy Merrick, Lisa Spohn, Dana Pahud, and Char Lord; and all attendees of the launch party on March 20 with a special shout out to Eugene and Kimberly Taylor who traveled from St. Louis, MO and Chris Smith, barista extraordinaire!

Thank you all for your support, guidance, and good will!



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