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“FRESH Leadership”- Powerful New Insights and Tools for Today

What’s different about FRESH Leadership? Well, in short, it’s just better. Think of the differences we encounter with other things that are fresh or, conversely, stale – think of a fresh loaf of bread or a fresh scent in the air. No one wants to eat bread that’s hard as a rock, or breathe in putrid, un-circulated, stale air. Similarly, no one wants leadership that relies on decades-old practices that no longer fit today’s fast-paced world.

82% of employees see their leader as fundamentally uninspiring.[1]

FRESH Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team is written for managers and teams that are searching for ways to defy the staggering likelihood noted above, that 82% of employees see their leader as fundamentally uninspiring.

Relying upon the most current research, FRESH Leadership provides a road map for teams who are striving to learn more about each other’s deepest motivations and, then, cheer each other on to never-before achieved successes.

Leadership today is difficult, but it is not impossible. If you are looking to improve yourself, your team, or your organization, take a look at FRESH Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team.

For more about individual coaching and group facilitation see www.freshconceptsonline.com.

Below are reviews from early readers of FRESH Leadership: 5 Skills to Transform You and Your Team.

FRESH LEADERSHIP is a quick-read crash course for managers at all levels, offering a “fresh” perspective on leadership, and why it matters now more than ever. Supported by both data and useful anecdotes, FRESH LEADERSHIP will convince anyone in management that adapting new management norms will not only make for happier, more engaged employees, but also for happier and more fulfilled managers.

Martha S. Hoover, Founder, Patachou Inc.

Not a book to simply place on shelf, Ms. Robinson provides a living document to be utilized and referred to weekly, if not daily, for those working and collaborating with team members seeking meaning and value in their careers.

Kevin Pahud, Partner | BKD

As a Senior Leader in a fast-paced company within an even faster-paced industry, I found the advice in FRESH Leadership completely spot on for creating and maintaining a productive environment for my team. The logic underlying the five basic elements for building a successful, engaged, happy team is beyond solid and laid out in a format that leaders with or without business backgrounds will find easy to understand and implement.

Laura M. Taylor, Executive Director of Compliance, Indiana University Health Plans

FRESH Leadership beautifully blends organizational behavior research and leadership common sense to guide new and old leaders alike on a brand new path. This book is a fast read, but don’t forget your hi-lighter which any leader worth their salt will have in-hand. I have already taken some of my highlighted sections and then transferred them to notes for this week’s meeting agenda. Sarah’s book is both insightful and practical. A winner.

Elizabeth Miney, National Training Manager, H2O at Home


[1] Brewerton, Rasmus, Hougaard Jacquelin, Carter Vince, and Harvard Business Review. “Why Do So Many Managers Forget They’re Human Beings?” Harvard Business Review, 5 Feb. 2018, hbr.org/2018/01/why-do-so-many-managers-forget-theyre-human-beings.



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