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“FRESH Leadership”- Powerful New Insights and Tools for Today

What’s different about FRESH Leadership? Well, in short, it’s just better. Think of the differences we encounter with other things that are fresh or, conversely, stale – think of a fresh loaf of bread or a fresh scent in the air. No one wants to eat bread that’s hard as a rock, or breathe in […]

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Leaders Know How to Give Thanks

  It can be difficult to carve out time to thank our colleagues and team members. Leaders, as opposed to managers, make sure that giving thanks is a priority that doesn’t fall to the bottom of their to-do list. Why? Because there are a host of great benefits that result from this virtually expense-free leadership […]

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Create a Trusting and Fair Environment

Trust is the foundation of good leadership and strong teamwork. Being fair and trustworthy is a leader’s first order of business. Squashing attempts by team members to create an unhealthy work environment—an environment of backstabbing, cynicism, cliques, or one-upping—is the second most important order of business. High performing leaders are good at detecting early signs […]

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