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Create a Trusting and Fair Environment

Trust is the foundation of good leadership and strong teamwork. Being fair and trustworthy is a leader’s first order of business. Squashing attempts by team members to create an unhealthy work environment—an environment of backstabbing, cynicism, cliques, or one-upping—is the second most important order of business. High performing leaders are good at detecting early signs […]

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TRUST Is Not A Four Letter Word

It’s true; trust is not a four letter word. In fact, trust is quite obviously a five letter word. However, in organizations, trust can be a profoundly off-limits word as bad as – or worse – than any four letter word. Why? Because there is an unspoken struggle related to trust in organizations. The struggle […]

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5 Tips to Instill Trust and Foster Engagement

If you think that trust and engagement are “nice to haves” not “need to haves” in today’s competitive marketplace, I have a reading recommendation. It’s an article from Fast Company that was recently published, entitled “4 Strategies of America’s Best Places to Work.”  The article explains that after surveying 257 companies, the truly great companies were found […]

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