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Work-Life Balance: 4 Tips For Today’s Crazy World

It’s Friday. Are you thinking about your plans for the weekend or the work you’ll be doing over the weekend? Work-life balance is tough to navigate. The demands that beckon…

The Secret to Getting Unstuck

Last week I presented to a corporate group about getting unstuck. It was a great group of people. You certainly wouldn’t have walked into the meeting and thought “Well, Sarah…

Be fearless and make a splash in 2016!

Weekend and Workday Wisdom from Steve Jobs

Steve Job's 2005 commencement address to Standford's graduating class is as relevant today as it was then. If you watched it a few years ago, it's worth a second viewing….

One Rule For Living (and Working) Without Regret

Regret is a downer – plan and simple. Most of us try to avoid it as best we can. We associate regret with disappointment, unhappiness, grief, and heartbreak. Bronnie Ware’s…

Quotes to Live and Work By